Briochin, a long story of soap.

Our story began in 1919 with Raoul Renaud, a wax merchant, travelling the Breton roads in his van.
He manufactured and sold high-quality soaps and cleaning products for professionals under the brand name Le Briochin.
This hundred-year-old know-how is reflected in our range of products, from traditional solutions for your home (black soap, bicarbonate of soda, etc.) to authentic natural treatments for your well-being (traditional body care).

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Our history The artisan of
care products since 1919


Our founder was a wax merchant named Raoul Renaud. Our products were originally popular with printers, mechanics, painters and craftsmen, who found the kind of quality in them that all professionals look for. Later, by word of mouth, the reputation of Briochin’s products went beyond French borders.


Raoul Renaud named me « Briochin » after the inhabitants of Saint Brieuc in the Côtes d’Armor region in France, where Briochin was born. 1919 saw the first of a long tradition of top-quality soaps and household cleaning products.

de 1950 à 1980

A few visionary entrepreneurs had an original idea: what if Jacques Briochin could help all men and women to do their housework simply and with a smile? To make this possible, the products had to be sold in big supermarkets. And this is now the case!

Our signature

Our signature

Crafting care products since 1919

  • Traditional know-how, it's everything we stand for!
  • Taking care of you and your home is our daily mission!
  • One century and not a wrinkle

All the know-how
of yesteryear in personal care... naturally

Authenticity is our trademark

Consumers want fewer and fewer chemical products. Since 1919, we have been keeping the know-how of the French artisan chemist alive by developing natural products, containing no unnecessary constituents.
From our original little shop to our current factory, we have always manufactured and sold effective products and wish to share our tips and tricks.

Know-how is about knowing how to use common sense

Our formulas created many years ago have never been so modern. We are constantly innovating to offer you traditional products based on simple, healthy ingredients that have been proven to be effective.
We do not claim to work miracles. Our product lines are natural and effective, and our trade secrets have been passed down through the generations.