Everyday home care

Who is Jacques Briochin?

The artisan who has revived the use of natural materials and products to simplify your everyday life.
Jacques Briochin is the artisan chemist with a hundred years of know-how and a true vocation.
With wisdom, simple yet effective formulas, and a focus on natural ingredients, it makes good sense.
Jacques has nothing to hide, and everything to share, through tips, tricks and formulas!

Traditional products

With black soap, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, rediscover the essentials used by your grandmother to care for your home naturally!


Use liquid dish and hand soap and their respective refills for an ecological solution. Available in seaweed, black soap and hypoallergenic versions.


Use liquid or powder detergent, fabric softeners and laundry additives for gentle traditional laundry care.

Black soap

Black soap made from linseed oil respects Breton soapmaking tradition. It nourishes, protects and shines all surfaces.

Body care

With Briochin 1919, we can share with you the natural effectiveness and benefits of traditional products.
We are completely transparent. Our formulas have nothing to hide! You will find nothing but goodness, nothing but soap and short ingredient lists to make taking care of yourself easy and enjoyable.
And our products are all made in France according to to age-old traditions.

Shower soaps

Solid Shower soaps

Body care

Showel & shampoo gel for the little ones

Tips and advice

Make your kitchen shine how to clean your kitchen :

Soda crystals are highly effective for cleaning extremely greasy surfaces, such as hobs and cooker hoods. Mix 2 tbsp of soda crystals and 1 tsp of liquid black soap into 1 litre of very hot water. Apply this mixture using a sponge, scrub and rinse.

How to care for your white sneakers :

Specially designed for white fabric and leather, La Pierre Blanche cleans, removes stains and restores brightness. Made from Kaolin and Marseille soap, it is ECOCERT certified. To use, first moisten the sponge. Rub the yellow side on La Pierre Blanche and then onto the surface to be cleaned. Then rinse it using the red side.

How to care for your wood decking :

For regular maintenance, a sponge and some soapy water will suffice (using Marseille soap flakes or black soap). You can also use a soft brush to gently remove dust. To restore shine and brighten colours, apply teak oil or quick-dry linseed oil with a flat brush or cloth. First, clean the surface using soapy water, and sand specific stains gently using fine sandpaper.